Saturday 18th November, No-Gi Competition

Sunday  19th November,  Gi Competition

Registration is now open!!

Download the Junior European Championship Posters for your Academy here:

BJJ Junior European Championships 2017


Europeans Gi and No-Gi                      

£30 - (£50 Dual Entry, Gi and No-Gi) 13th August 2017 (ends 11:59)
£35-  (£60 Dual Entry, Gi and No-Gi) 29th October 2017 (ends 11:59)
£40 - (£70 Dual Entry, Gi and No-Gi) 12th November 2017 (registration closes 11:59)

Europeans Gi and No-Gi Registration Close Date

Registration ends on Sunday 12th November 2017 at 11:59 pm.  You will then have until 6 pm on Tuesday 14th November 2017 to make any amendments, e.g; weight changes, Academy name changes.

All amendments MUST be emailed to